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Chris started Metro Creative coming from several years of experience as part of larger agencies & organizations. As a part of these companies, he cultivated his passion for SEO, SEM, Development, and, most crucially, the importance of relating to his clients. Chris graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Rob is a graduate of The University of Central Florida, and has a strong passion for entrepreneurship. His background includes content marketing, freelance web marketing/design consulting, and full time PPC account management. Right now, he is focused on online sales.

As a graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Creative Writing and Literature, Jon has used his training to enhance his effectiveness in various marketing roles including ad serving, design, and creative content. From freelance copywriting to working as a Content Manager with a Fortune 500 company, Jon employs his unique experiences and skills to create success for our clients.


Please allow us to take a moment to officially welcome you to our online home. The folks at Metro are proud of what we have to offer and are thankful you have chosen to stop by. Internet Marketing and Online Strategy is, quite frankly, our passion. We treat every client and every campaign with the care and importance they deserve. We start every day excited to learn, grow, and assist clients in squeezing the juice out of their online presence.

During our time in this field, we have worked with and alongside some great professionals and very talented SEOs. We have spent countless hours managing Paid Search Campaigns, optimizing websites, strategizing, and building websites. The team at Metro has worked alongside small businesses and in client services roles as a part of large firms.

In our collective experiences, we have come to recognize one, central theme: Internet Marketing is confusing, and many businesses capitalize on this fact. It is very easy to mask flaws and hide truths from a client-base that may not be completely familiar with what it is that they are paying for. At Metro, you are encouraged to be an active participant in your online campaign. You are invited to come back to our site on a weekly basis to enjoy our blog. We LOVE to teach and we WANT you to understand the intricacies of what it is we are pursuing with regards to your customized online campaign.

Please, take some time to explore our website, we think that there is a lot of beneficial information here. If you are in need of greater specificity, or would like to inquire further about our services, please reach out to us via our contact page. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation and answer any and all questions you may have.

Why Are We The Best?

Our goal is to help you develop and implement an online marketing strategy. We want to hand forge the tools that will contribute to the success of your venture.
We approach each project with creativity, insight and transparency. We strive to provide our clients with clear goals and a passion for results.
We will work for you and with you to optimize your online presence and earn the traffic and business that you deserve.


We call Florida our home, but we have friends all over the country.

Although Metro is based out of Orlando, Florida, we have had the pleasure of working with amazing companies from other metropolitan areas like Miami, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Tampa, and Hawaii. We have experience with Local SEO in several markets, and always welcome the challenge to explore and conquer new ones.

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