Beginning on Tuesday, April 21st, Google is shaking up its mobile search algorithm with a brand new update. With over 60% of online traffic now coming from mobile devices and tablets, Google will be placing a large emphasis on the mobile experience. This new algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly sites. This means that sites with large text, easy-to-click links, and content that will resize to fit your screen will earn higher ranks and sites that are not optimized for mobile browsing will begin to see a demotion in their rankings.

Even though Google has provided nearly two months for website owners to make the necessary updates, this update has been saddled with the frightening nickname “Mobile-geddon” due to the potentially devastating effects that it could have on millions of websites that aren’t prepared for its redefinition of the search landscape.

Google has led the way with recent trends in communicating that content is king, Promoting sites with relevant information and answers to questions that consumers are asking. However, with this new update, we can ascertain that Google is also focused on making sure that users have the best experience possible. This means a website with great content that is readable and easy to navigate.

If you’re afraid that your website isn’t prepared for this change, contact Metro Creative, and we will be happy to provide you with a free site audit and a plan for ensuring that your website meets all of Google’s requirements.