Give them the Answers
And Maybe Help them ask the Questions

Content is king. That’s certainly not an earth shattering concept. In fact, it’s the first rule of thumb; the one thing that any decent SEO writer will tell you. I’m not here to give you gold, but maybe I’ll inspire you to throw another log on the fire, because, let’s be honest, that flame isn’t going to stoke itself.

You may not know it, but you’re an expert on your product — you wouldn’t still be in business otherwise. This gives you a head start when it comes to answering the most common (or uncommon) questions about your industry. Right, you already knew that. Well, then, how about putting some of that on paper, or, better yet, on your website. Share your insight with the world and welcome visitors with open arms.

content is king

C’mon, pal, it’s not 

that simple!  It is and it isn’t. Unique and original content rules the rankings, and Google isn’t hiding that from anyone. Search results are, often quite literally, answers to a question. And, often, search queries are written out in a paraphrased or fully-thought out question format. So, why not answer those questions?

Maybe you own bait and tackle store. I’d be willing to bet you’re frequently fielding the same questions, “what’s the best lure for this?“, or “what’s the best rod and reel for that?”. Your site is the perfect place to catalog your years of experience and accumulated knowledge. Search engines will love the questions you ask and the authority with which you answer those questions. Top 10 lists are an easy way to accomplish this, and even give your content a stronger possibility of going viral. “What are the top 10 lures for bass fishing?” You know, don’t you? Well, give the people what they want!

Whatever the focus of your site, write honestly and write often. Authority and originality will go a long way to exposing your business to the people who are looking for it. Anyone else in the mood for a boat trip?

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Good Customers have Good Questions. Answer Them Now.
Content is King. Find the questions your clients are asking and provide the answers on your website.