Bravo, Google.

Usually I ignore the myriad of AdWords notifications that encroach onto my browser workspace. This evening, however, something caught my eye: “Let your ads take flight with AdBirds”.

Google AdBirds

In what is clearly a pretty funny attempt at an April Fools joke, Google has launched a new AdWords AdBirds ad interface where you can craft text ads to be affixed to a variety of fowl. Your ads, after review, will then be sent to a location of your choice. Google, as usual, has thought of everything with regards to their new ad format:

“Your bird will fly in any existing targeted locations in your account. Migratory birds may only be available in certain regions depending on the time of year, or may completely fly out of your targeted region”.

AdWords AdBirds April Fools Joke

And, just to ensure that nobody blows through significant ad spend on Owls and Pigeons, AdWords was gracioud enough to let us all in on the joke:

AdWords April Fools

Thank you, Google, for providing some much needed levity to a night otherwise monopolized by mundane AdWords account audits and Text Ad copywriting.