Project Description

RUG: An Orlando Website Design Project

creative design with targeted function

RUG is an Indie Rock band from Central Florida. They have cultivated a large following not only through their live music, but largely in part of a very well organized and cool social media campaign. Additionally, Metro helped play a role in an exciting crowdfunding project when RUG turned to Kickstarter to assist in funding their second studio EP. On the heels of some very cool social initiatives, RUG was in need of a website that would not only reflect their music, but would also give fans, prospective booking agents, and journalists a place to find their music, tour dates, and blog posts.

We worked closely with several members of the band to find a site template that was suitable. This was a very unique situation, as several members of RUG are very talented digital artists in their own right, and contributed some awesome photography for the site’s background and galleries. With this baseline, we helped to build a very simple, responsive website where RUG could house all of the information anybody interested in learning more about the band could be found.

We added a little bit of flare to the website with some Click To Tweet icons that were used in a social enterprise that saw RUG fans tweeting pictures of themselves in a RUG custom-designed t-shirt.