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It’s no secret that Google’s imperative for determining site quality has taken a dramatic turn towards stellar content. Create content that users want to share & engage, and you will find SERP success.

Metro Creative’s Blog and Content Services act on the impetus Google has placed on the creation of fresh, noteworthy content. Your site should illustrate your authority and bring repeat visitors. We create all of our content in-house. We know good content and how to share it.

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Among today’s online marketing techniques, blogs have emerged as a powerful tool, and have quickly become the best source for producing and sharing fresh content. When properly maintained, you blog can be a very effective way to attract new customers to your site and keep current customers in contact.

While frequent updates to your blog can be very important, search engines like Google give preference to quality content over quantity of posts. Google Panda is a search algorithm implemented by Google which aims to promote high quality content sites and lower the rank of sites with low quality content.

How do I judge the quality of my site’s content? The most basic and helpful thing to remember when producing content is to avoid duplicate or redundant articles that cover similar topics with only slightly different keyword variations. A focus on creating new and unique content is the most important SEO practice.

New and unique content is not only looked upon more favorably by Google Panda, but is also a great way to convert new traffic to repeat traffic. Trust and accuracy of content can increase your site’s rankings as it is awarded more links and recognized as containing authoritative content.

Orlando Content Development & Optimization

Google has issued a decree to all websites and indexes: Today, and during all subsequent days, your black-hat, sinister attempts to trick us into granting you the coveted high rankings you desire, will no longer be tolerated. Well, this is how I imagine it having happened. In actuality, Google has been far less direct in their instruction to internet marketers worldwide. The fact is this, those websites who serve only to rank highly, and those sights benefiting from dubious practices, took a very big knock to the chin in 2012 and 2013. With the continued update of search algorithms, and the buzz behind Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, there has been a paradigm shift in what constitutes SEO best practices.

I have seen it first-hand. SEO’s got lazy. Some used to rely on a steady diet of link-building and citations. These gluttonous agencies and professionals are now scurrying to remedy the situation (and in many instances even having to PAY to have links removed!). Fresh, strong, relevant content is the key to making an impact in the SERPs.

Metro Internet Marketing spends a lot of time, working diligently, to craft fresh, relevant content for our clients. Solid, quality, indexible content is the new kid in town, and he looks to be sticking around for a while. Your website CANNOT be stagnant. You will be ferociously kicked to the bottom of the Organic Search pile if you are not pursuing these strategies. SEO markets like Orlando can be very competitive, Metro has established itself to make sure that your business is ranking well based on the guidelines that Google has set forth.